And that's a wrap! 2022 is officially at an end and I'm betting your head is already starting to fill up with thoughts and ideas for 2023.

First and foremost: take it one step at a time. No need to feel pressured to make a million resolutions and a bucket list that you just must make happen. A new year does not need to mean a new chapter, a new life, or a new you. Think about it like this: it's just the Earth doing its own thing and completing a turn around the sun, so... just do the same! Keep doing your own thing.

But, hey, why not add a bit of "spice" to it? A new year is, indeed, a great excuse to look at your life and understand what you can add to make yourself, and the ones around you, feel happier and more fulfilled. And a great place to start doing just that is your social life! Keep reading for some "social bucket list" ideas that will fill 2023 up with fun moments, cool memories, and personal growth.

Start a conversation with a stranger

Talk to that other person at the bus stop, the one next to you on the train, the mailman bringing you your online order, the barista at that new coffee shop you found... Anyone who catches your eye and looks potentially open to conversation. You can even simply join a Jaumo live chat and talk to someone new there!Say "hi", comment on the commute, a current event, or something you noticed about their look or actions. It's easy: just choose a question to which the answer will satisfy your curiosity and go with it. More often than not, you'll find the other person will happily engage in conversation with you, whether the topic is particularly exciting or not.We often forget how much a positive social interaction can impact our day (and the other persons'!), no matter how small it is.

Did you know studies have actually shown these small interactions actually contribute to feeling happier, less lonely, and more trusting and optimistic? Plus, smaller interactions can open the door to bigger conversations and deeper relationships: everyone starts as strangers.

Join a new online group and make some plans

Online groups are like the cheat code for socializing.#1: they're super easy to find2#: you immediately start out with a common interest and goal, which makes interaction and connection way easier.No need to comment about the weather or struggle to find an interesting comment to make when you can just talk about the thing that brought you together in the first place, right?Identify an activity you'd be interested in - I can promise you nowadays, no matter what interests you have, it's very likely you'll find an online group that caters to you.

Not sure what to look for exactly? If you're the sporty type, you can try hiking groups and find new cool hiking spots near your city. If you're into arts, some groups organize visits to galleries and museums, or even painting or ceramic workshops. Not super keen on going out and meeting in person right away? You can always join a fan group for your favorite artist, tv show, or game and keep the conversation online for a bit - there's nothing better than someone that's as crazy about your favorite things as you!

Face a new social situation by yourself

Everyone knows it's easier to face any social situation with people you already know by your side. It's also easier to fall back onto your comfort zone and miss the chance of new, exciting interactions and learnings if you're already with your friends.Challenge yourself to step onto a social situation you haven't experienced before on your own. Maybe this is a party with a music genre your friends are not big fans of, a talk about one of your favorite topics at a local bookshop, or volunteering for a cause close to your heart.

Facing a new social situation by yourself not only forces you out of your comfort zone and gives you the opportunity to re-learn yourself in a new environment, but it's also an incredible chance to meet new people who can help you experience new aspects of yourself and the world.

Re-connect with an old friend

It's a well-known fact that life has a tendency to... happen. Life just happens! And when it does, people who used to share a lot end up sharing less and less and eventually lose contact. That's completely normal and not necessarily anyone's fault. But let's also normalize questioning this distancing and getting back in touch!You know that high school friend you always hung out with? That former teammate you used to spend coffee breaks with? Reach out to them! Send them a DM on social media, ask them how they're doing, tell them you miss hanging out, and invite them out for a drink.Relive the old moments and catch up on your lives. Maybe you'll realize you still have some things in common - or find some new ones.

Explore a brand new friendship

New year, new friendships!Old friends are incredible in multiple ways, but never forget the potential of new people and all they can bring into your life.As you grow older, you pick up new interests, sometimes even new values and visions of the world. New friendships can help you expand on these new parts of yourself and add to your own personal development. They can also give you fresh perspectives and make you consider the world in a way you haven't before.

For this new year, challenge yourself to establish a new connection and make a new friend - you can deepen your relationship with a coworker, someone you connected with online (did anyone say "Jaumo"?), or someone totally new.Open yourself up, share about yourself and really listen to what the other person has to share about themselves. Find commonalities - or try brand new things you've been (or became) curious about!Remember, though, friendships don't happen overnight. Allow yourself and the other person time to grow on each other and establish a bond.

Ready to start scratching things off the list?

What will you be starting with?Remember the most important thing about a bucket list or a resolutions list is that you approach it on your own time, following your own personal rules.

A new year is not only an opportunity to explore new things about yourself but also to understand and honor aspects that have always been a part of you - and that includes the way you explore social situations.

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