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We got rid of borders: introducing Global Communities

We're thrilled to introduce Jaumo's brand-new feature: Global Communities! Connect with people who share your interests, all over the world.

Dating to find friends? Here’s what you need to know about the new trend

The dating landscape has been evolving, and there's a new trend that's gaining momentum: dating to find friends.

7 Out-of-the-box friend dates to celebrate Summer

We have compiled a list of 7 unique and fun friend dates (or actual romantic dates, if that makes sense for you!) to celebrate summer. Check it out!

LGBTQ+ Empowerment in Brazil through Jaumo Communities

With over 15,000 members and growing, the Jaumo Brazilian LGBTQ+ communities offer a space for expression and connection to anyone.

Join The Team: Become a Community Moderator at Jaumo!

Community Moderators are volunteers who assure Jaumo Communities remain safe, fun and welcoming. Find out why and how you can become one.

The Rise of LGBTQ+ Online Communities on Jaumo

At Jaumo, we believe in supporting and creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community every day. Learn more about the growth of LGBTQ+ communities on our app.

Socializing online: your mini safety guide

While socializing online has become more and more popular, not everything is flowers in the online world. Make sure you stay safe with these tips.
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How to Talk to Anyone! Master the art of conversation: from small talk to deep connections

Do you struggle with communication? Fear not! In this article, we'll give you simple but important tips on how to become a master.

5 friend date ideas that are not at your local bar

Who said dates need to be exclusively romantic? You can have just as special and fun of a time with a friend. Check out these 5 ideas for a friend date!

5 things you should know about setting healthy boundaries

How and why should you set healthy boundaries? Understanding and enforcing your boundaries can help you ensure your happiness and nurture strong bonds.