As we embrace Pride Month, we understand how important it is to recognize the need for dedicated safe spaces for the queer community - whether offline or online. This is particularly important in locations where the LGBTQ+ community is still finding its feet and struggling with rights and safety, like Brazil.

Brazil is home to a vibrant LGBTQ+ population, but challenges such as discrimination and limited visibility still persist. Thankfully, progress has been made in recent years, thanks to advocacy groups, activists, and platforms that create safe spaces for queer expression and connection. This is where Jaumo Communities come in!

With over 15,000 members and growing, the Jaumo Brazilian LGBTQ+ communities offer a space for expression and connection to anyone, with groups focused on the trans, lesbian and gay communities, and a global community named “LGBTQ+ Brazil”.

We’re proud to say the Jaumo communities provide a safe space where brazilian LGBTQ+ individuals can connect, share experiences, and build relationships.

Supportive Environments:

We know how important and needed a sense of support and belonging is for LGBTQ+ people. Within Jaumo's LGBTQ+ communities, members can express themselves freely, share experiences, and seek advice. These communities are virtual spaces where Brazilian queer people and their loved ones can connect, share stories, and find companionship - no matter their location or current social situation.

A Safe Space:

Jaumo maintains strict community guidelines to ensure respectful and inclusive interactions and an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. Moderators selected from the user base itself work hard to make sure all community members have the best social experience and feel safe to share and connect with others.

Facilitating Connections:

On Jaumo's LGBTQ+ communities, users can connect with like-minded people from all over Brazil, form friendships, and even find romantic partners - whatever meaningful connection makes sense to them. By tailoring a space specifically to the LGBTQ+ community, Jaumo aims to create opportunities for personal growth, social support, and love.

Empowering LGBTQ+ Voices:

Jaumo's LGBTQ+ communities are somewhere everyone can voice their vision and experience. Members share their stories, challenges, and successes, raising awareness about the diverse experiences within the Brazilian LGBTQ+ community. The big goal is to use this visibility to help challenge stereotypes, combat stigma, and promote acceptance inside and outside of the queer space, starting with the few thousand members in our communities.

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