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Halloween Special: how to “kill” an emotional vampire

Don’t believe in vampires? Maybe you should pay a bit more attention: you might already have one or two in your life. This is about energy-sucking vampires.
Personal Growth

7 Tips to get better at conversation

Conversation is the base for any relationship- friends, romance, work, you name it. Which means quality conversation goes along way when it comes to building quality relationships.

5 Self-Checks You Need to Do Before Starting a New Relationship

Relationships come in many shapes and sizes – it’s essential to make a list of questions to ask yourself about your past and future relationships and get clear about what you need before starting one.

Setting boundaries in a new relationship

If you want to ensure that you're setting yourself up for success with a new relationship, it's very important to understand and practice healthy boundaries from the beginning.

Quick Do’s and Don´ts for Online Dating

Online dating really is a practical solution to get in touch with new interesting people. Find out what are the red flags of online dating and learn about the rules of successful dating.