New in the city: I was forced out of my comfort zone to make friends

Socializing in another language and finding people who relate to you, to your lifestyle, thoughts, and values is something that doesn't happen overnight and takes a lot of dedication.

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Personal Growth

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What is social confidence all about? Social confidence is not quite the same as self-confidence, though being confident in yourself makes a great part of it.

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If you want to ensure that you're setting yourself up for success with a new relationship, it's very important to understand and practice healthy boundaries from the beginning.

Deep friendship or just socializing? Why you should have both!

It’s easy to agree: meaningful friendships are one of the essential ingredients to a happy life. Find out why deep friendship and casual socializing are important and how they make you self-confident

Quick Do’s and Don´ts for Online Dating

Online dating really is a practical solution to get in touch with new interesting people. Find out what are the red flags of online dating and learn about the rules of successful dating.

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