You have voted: Of course, the new sexy

The desire for the ‘perfect’ bikini body always resurfaces at the start of the summer. We usually start feeling really motivated to get in shape; out come the diet plans and latest training programme from our favourite instagram fitness inspiration. But after two weeks our resolve is usually fading; drinks in the sun with friends, ice-cream and late night summer evening dinners call our name.

Inevitably the plan goes out the window and we swear that everything will be different next summer. But Jaumo has good news for you! We took a survey over four weeks amongst our members that shows these worries are completely unfounded. We found out that:

  • 60% of you find a sporty partner attractive over a honed gym visit. Only 46% of you find a well-trained body was sexy.
  • Over half of you are of the opinion that your partner is attractive with a few extra kilos on the hips.
  • One-third of women find natural curves even more appealing.

With regards to body hair upkeep for the summer we also found very positive results. Anyone feeling self-conscious in this area needn’t be!

  • 76 % of women found chest hair attractive on the male body.
  • 60% of you said that light hair on the chest was also really attractive.
  • Body hair on the intimate area was also seen as natural and appealing
  • 72% of you were positive about hair being in an intimate area and most 90%of women were for a hairy intimate area.

So, what can we learn from the results? That there is absolutely no reason to try and live up to or emulate any “beauty ideals”. You are all beautiful and being yourself; natural and healthy and having a positive relationship with your body are much better things to aim for when flirting. So, throw your training plan in the corner for a day and meet your date for an ice cream!