These are the celebrities the world would like to see naked

Which celebrity stars do British and US fans want to see the most naked? A Google analysis reveals that in the UK Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Ariana Grande are the most googled alongside the search phrase ‘naked’. In the US Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence are the top searches.

Scrolling through Instagram you can find celebrities wearing next to nothing swimwear and underwear in a matter of seconds. But for some people this isn’t enough and Google search behaviour shows which celebrities have the most sex appeal.

In the UK, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and Ariana Grande are the most desireable, with up to 22,200 Google searches a month at least. In the US Kim Kardashian tops the most searched naked celebrity by miles. The reality TV star’s name is searched 110,000 times a month in combination with the search term ‘naked’.

Male celebrities feature lower in the rankings but Justin Bieber is a clear favourite. topping the male celebrity rankings with 40,500 Google searches a month in the US and 12,100 in Britain, alongside Germany, Spain and Italy. Orlando Bloom is also surprisingly popular, taking second place in the US. and third in the UK. For Brits Mel Gibson pips Orlando Bloom coming in as the second most popular ‘naked’ search term of male celebrities, whilst he tops the rankings for Mexico, Argentina and France. Tiger Woods sits in third for the US.

Other celebrities that appear in the top ten include Emma Watson’s colleague Daniel Radcliffe as well as actors Channing Tatum and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here we’ve listed all the results:*

*The analysis is based on figures taken from Google AdWords. We analysed the combination ‘celeb + naked’, and to put this into context, we also analysed the percentage of the entire search volume for each celebrity’s name.