6 tips for your first date on Valentine’s Day

Yeah! You met someone online and the first date is pending. Now you go through your dates and the 14th of February is the perfect timing for the meeting. But where is it written that Valentine’s Day is reserved for lovers only? So, go ahead! However, excitement and doubt still belong to the first date. Whether the meeting is a flop or a first step towards a relationship, you both do not know this before. We have put together helpful tips to help you prepare for the date.
Tip 1: Meet in an extraordinary place

The selection of the place for the first date is already difficult enough and on Valentine’s Day the seats in restaurants and cafes are even more sought after than on other days. Let’s not impose the romance and meet at a meeting place, which is rather untypical for Valentine’s Day, like the zoo or the flea market. More exciting conversations arise than just sitting stiff and opposite.

Tip 2: Do not expect too much

Just because the date takes place on Valentine’s Day, it does not mean that the love develops automatically. So screw down the expectations and go straight into the meeting. Afterwards is always smarter!

Tip 3: Think about things discussed previously

Whether via SMS, chat or by telephone: Before your first meeting you could already sniff. Think about how past conversations can be continued. For the first date, general questions about hobbies and interests are completely ok.

Tip 4: Do not push on the lacrimal gland

Even though it may hurt you to be single on Valentine’s Day: to deal with failed relationships in detail in order to deal with the past, is only conditionally helpful in getting to know each other and to have a relaxed conversation.

Tip 5: Keep away the phone

So far your communication took place over the mobile phone. This is the end of the first date. If the smartphone is constantly gripped, the impression is created that the date rather bored than entertained. If this is the case, then rather end the meeting and go home.

Tip 6: Do not invest too much money

On Valentine’s Day a lot of money is spent on common activities and gifts. On that day, however, the couples in love should worry about this. If your date turns out to be a disaster at the end, you get to be annoyed only about lost time and not overpriced money.