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How to always find your people in a new place

As adults, it seems that making friendships is next to impossible. Read on to get three tips that will help you find your people, anywhere.

I Want Some New Friends! Where do I Start?

Read on to learn more about what friendship is actually about and why it is so important, and how to make friends in a new place.
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Talking to someone you don't know from start to end

Saying “hi” and introducing yourself is no problem but after that? What do you talk about? Read on to get a little bit of help.
Personal Growth

How to build true social confidence

What is social confidence all about? Social confidence is not quite the same as self-confidence, though being confident in yourself makes a great part of it.

Deep friendship or just socializing? Why you should have both!

Find out why deep friendship and casual socializing are important and how they make you self-confident