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Personal Growth

7 Tips to get better at conversation

Conversation is the base for any relationship. Which means quality conversation goes along way when it comes to building quality relationships.

Getting to know someone? Quick tips for first interactions

When getting to know someone new, first interactions can be daunting. Check out these easy communication tips to help you in these moments.

5 Self-Checks you should do before starting a relationship

It’s essential to make a list of questions to ask yourself about your past and future relationships and get clear about what you need before starting one.
Personal Growth

Talking to someone you don't know from start to end

Saying “hi” and introducing yourself is no problem but after that? What do you talk about? Read on to get a little bit of help.

Deep friendship or just socializing? Why you should have both!

Find out why deep friendship and casual socializing are important and how they make you self-confident