What turns UK singles on and off?

Women are more likely to be turned off by someone who isn’t as tall as expected or by someone who speaks with an accent than by a partner who’s just after a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, according to a recent survey by Jaumo. Jaumo spoke to 10,000 singles in the UK to reveal what the real turn-offs are for men and women.

A total of 49% of women and 66% of men said that they could picture themselves in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. However, while this may be something they would consider, it looks like true love and a real partnership are what most men and women are after. When asked whether they believed in love, nearly three quarters of those surveyed said yes. Slightly more women (74%) than men (71%) believe in true love.

When it comes to a partner’s height, most men are pretty indifferent. For 58% of women, however, height does matter. And women are more likely to be put off by a regional accent. 53% of the women and 47% of the men asked weren’t so fond of strong accents.

Here are the findings in full:

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