The 2018 Sex trends you need to know about

Boredom in the bedroom and getting stuck in a sex routine is sex-life killer number one. But 2018 has been one of the craziest yet and we’ve researched deep into the latest and craziest practises, styles and toys that have been trending this year for your personal enjoyment…

Shave your favorite drink into your privates

We’re all familiar with trending hairstyles like ‘The Jennifer’ (flashback to Friends and Jennifer Aniston), ‘The Sienna’ (boho Sienna Miller) and ‘The Mossy’ (when Kate Moss famously lopped off her locks). Likewise, the standard styles for your nether region includes the Brazilian and Hollywood. But 2018 has taken this one further and now women can shave their favorite drink into their private area. For example, fizz lovers can leave the shape of a champagne flute into their hair; a thin strip along the lip area is left to look like the stem of the glass and the glass is represented by an additional soft-shaped strip above. Popular alternatives include a cocktail glass, beer or a shot glass that women are now shaving into their downstairs.

Toys that talk dirty to you

“Dirty Talk” has always been a classic favourite for spicing things up in the bedroom. But for solo fun, this can be tricky. 2018 has officially found a solution in the form of sex toys that talk dirty to you which guys cannot get enough of. An American company has brought a new device for men to market, which can play sentences and groaning of porn actresses to take the masturbation experience to a whole other level.

Fitness tracker for the vagina

Health and fitness have been trending for the last five years and the development of trackers to chart your fitness progress have proved increasingly popular. But now there is tracker designed especially for your vagina that we are going mad for. The device has special love balls attached to strengthen your muscles in the pelvic floor and even track progress with the right app. The balls are inserted into the vagina with the aim to move them with the pelvic floor muscles. The result: better sexual performance and higher intensity of the orgasms. Win, win.

An oral sex snorkel for water sex – the new summer accessory

This year the summer heatwave has been BIG. Temperatures soared which made the thought of getting steamy between the sheets less attractive. And so the trend of cooling down and having sex in water has never been bigger. Better yet, a snorkle specifically designed for giving your partner oral sex underwater has emerged as a new favourite sex accessory for summer 2018.

Gender-neutral sex-toys

It was only a matter of time before sex toys finally became gender neutral. Gender neutral sex toys are officially on the rise. Sex-neutral sex toys are characterized by the fact that they combine different toys; think – a vibrator, G-spot stimulator and cock ring all in one – so they are perfect for everyone. This innovation not only injects some extra fun to the bedroom but also points to a freer and more open attitude towards sex in general.

Dildo of your partner’s penis

One of the stranger trends this year has been for couples in a long-distance relationship to have a dildo made of their partner’s penis (either with a 3D printer or even a DIY kit for the home!). The latter is probably the simplest and most cost-effective method which has proved a trending weekend activity for couples all over the world. You can even select your favorite color for your penis duplicate.

2018 has brought some weird and crazy sex trends to light. And even more outrageous trends are expected for the future – researchers are currently working on developing a bionic pleasure chip that is implanted in the brain to trigger a sense of pleasure there. So you can be curious about what awaits you in the near future. Watch this space for more news from Jaumo about the crazy sex trends to try for 2019…