The craziest sex trends of 2017

It is the most beautiful and oldest incident in the world. But the classical 08/15 sex seems boring for many when you consider the newest trends for the love game. We will take a closer look at the most absurd and dangerous innovations and show you, which sex trends will make your horny, and which you should avoid.

Pills for better taste and smell – tasty vagina & yummy cum

When the vagina doesn’t have to smell and taste like a vagina, one can take some pills for it. The capsules consist of natural ingredients, like wheatgrass, pineapple, cinnamon, and berries and make your genitals smell like a fruit salad. The use does not affect your health at all. More than questionable is the notion of femininity: Why is the intimate scent of a woman something abnormal or even off-putting? Such products should also be used by males for delicious sperm.

Sticker instead of condom

A small sticker should seal the penis and prevent ejaculation. The message of the products is somewhat unclear because on one side you can ditch the regular condom and decide when to cum. On the other side, the sticker is currently in its beta phase and is not considered a contraceptive yet. Also taking off the small plaster could cause some pain.

VR porn

Virtual reality is the newest sex trend. The porn industry, like other media leading powers, embraced the advance of technology and offered rich content. With a VR set, these movies appear very real, as if one is a part of what’s happening. Diverse websites offer special films for the female sex. Esthetic porn doubles the pleasure of masturbation. Technology, that inspires.

Makeup tutorial for down there

Youtube is full of makeup tutorials. But these are no longer limited to the face only. Meanwhile, there are tutorials for men, on how to make their penis look bigger, through contouring. The highlights for vagina are also present. A woman took the makeup egg very literally and instead of a swab she uses the testicle of her friend for applying foundation.

Cameltoe underwear

Miley Cyrus did it before and gladly made her intimate parts stick out. While women were very aware, to prevent their lips from showing through tighter underwear or pants, this is not the hottest sex trend in Asia. Whoever feels like it, can now wear “Cameltoe panties”, which have silicon lining that makes the female genitals more visible. The slip is well accepted by males as well.

Aqua sport and something else

Probably every woman has had her first sexual experiences in the shower or on a water nozzle. With the new toy called Jet Rabbit, women can have lots of fun. The dildo is put on the shower handle and focuses a water stream so that it stimulates the clitoris. This gives a whole new meaning to the shower handle and aquagasms are guaranteed.

Funky vaginas

This might seem very funny but can quickly turn dangerous. The newest scream is glitter for the vagina. With it, vaginal fluids and sperm can glitter and look funky and also taste like sweets, by simply putting a capsule one hour before sex. They are questionably safe for your health. The contained sugar may harm the vaginal flora, the glitter particles can lead to inflammations and rashes and lead to infections. The expression “better safe than shiny” is appropriate here.

DIY for white nipples

The anal bleaching used to be very popular, as probably everyone knows. In many blogs and vlogs pop up some experience guides and tutorials on bleaching nipples and genitals in DIY manner. From the ingredients, one can make a good dressing for salads. These are mainly lemon juice, honey, and cream cheese. If one has some spare potatoes, he could also try them out. Apart from making you embarrassed, this may also lead to some inflammations and infections.

Makeup sponges for sex during menstruation

A questionable life hack shows what other uses one can find for their makeup sponges apart from applying foundation. Women would insert one or two wedges up to their cervixes, in order to have blood free sex while on their period. Polyester foam, the material of the swabs, is directly related the toxic shock syndrome, which can be deadly. The offered sea sponges are even more dangerous because they might contain sand, bacteria, and mold.

Rainbow kiss

What may sound romantic, is actually a well-forgotten sex practice, which increases the intimacy between sex partners. A requirement for the rainbow kiss is that the women are in her period. During the 69 position, the woman will hold the sperm in her mouth and the man will keep the period blood in his. Finally, both kiss each other to swap the fluids and to make a rainbow.

Conclusion for sex trends

Like with all trends, these sex trends show once again the curiosities of life. One must not respond to all trends if he wants to keep himself healthy. We don’t need to concern ourselves by how the most natural thing in this world would seem, smell or taste. It is better most of the time to enjoy it in its natural form.