Sex trend analysis shows: threesome is the most popular search

It’s no secret that sexual tastes vary between individuals, and these differences translate across cultures. We were interested to see which sex-related terms people commonly search for in different countries, so we looked at five words related to sex, including threesome, cuckold, anal sex, spanking and doggy.

The results gave an interesting insight into sexual preferences across the globe. We found that conventional threesome is still among the most searched sex terms in English speaking countries, while cuckoldry was more searched in the Spanish speaking world.

German interest is equally spread, with as many people searching for spanking as doggy, whereas the Portuguese were more likely to search for anal sex, threesome and cuckold. Meanwhile, Italians showed a clear interest in cuckoldry.

Our research evaluated more than 24 million Google searches from the last 12 months. The results are based on Google Trends data for the period from 16.05.18 to 16.05.19.