Love it up: This World Cup’s footballers’ romantic lives off the field

Yes, it’s finally here, the World Cup in Russia, and football supporters have their TV snacks sorted to help them through many nerve-wracking hours of action on the pitch. Even usually reluctant football fans will be avidly following the matches. But it’s not just the play on the pitch and final scores that are interesting, the play off the pitch is also set to attract attention. Which players are in relationships or have a family, which country has the most singles playing for them? Which team is the most culturally diverse when it comes to being romantically involved and who are the players for whom age is just a number? We did some research for you. Of course we couldn’t leave out the juicy details on the WAGs’ professional lives and their careers as well.

Almost every third player is still up for grabs

The talent on the pitch make a great sight, especially when they decide to take their shirts off during matches. Unfortunately many of them are no longer single; 26 percent of them are in a relationship and more than 43 percent are married. The Brazilians are the most unavailable with 78 percent of them already married. Only 31 percent of the English team are married but 39 percent are in a relationship. Spaniards seem to attach the least importance to marriage, since half the squad are in long-term steady relationships without marriage.

However there’s good news for all the single ladies (and gents) out there: there is still a third of players who remain single and looking for someone to win their heart. Especially the French team who have a single-rate of 65 percent, still looking for their special someone.

(Goal)keepers really seem to be keepers

In general it seems that the goal-keepers are the players who are the most taken; almost 54 percent of them are married. Half the backs and midfielders are also married. But 40 percent of strikers are yet to find their soul-mates and only 26 of them are married, so there is a still a fighting chance for hopeful suitors out there.

The French, Swiss and Germans love internationally

When it comes to relationships most players don’t appear to be fussed about their partners’ age or home country. Particularly for the French love knows no age or nationality. Their players are an average of 3.8 years younger than their wives and 37.5 percent of partners care originally from a country other than France. Slightly older, about 1.5 years, than their spouses are the Uruguayans.The English stand out by their very little age difference: just 2.5 months older than their loved ones.

The Swiss also have a thing for culturally diverse relationships: One fourth of them is in a relationship with a woman from another country. In stark contrast just one of the English players is in a relationship with a woman from another cultural background. The Swedes, Argentinians, South Koreans and Serbs, however, have no binational relationships.

Germans do not procreate

With an average of 1.35 children, Argentinians are in pole position when it comes to having children. Brazilians (1.13 children) and Uruguayans (1.09 children) come in second and third place. In Europe, Portugal leads the way with an average of one child per player. The English have a total of 10 children in their squad – an average of 0.43 children per player.

Only Germans and South Koreans with a total of six children have less children than the English.

Not all WAGs are just WAGs

Let’s be real: When we think about WAGs, (Wives And Girlfriends of the high-profile players) we think of a group of plastic-looking but pretty girls, who have very little talent themselves and simply shop and party whilst supporting her high profile footballer boyfriend off the pitch.

But it’s time we get over that cliche and face the facts, that most WAGs are as successful as their partners. 29 of 289 WAGs make money working as a model and will be making the stadium their catwalk during the upcoming month. Nine of the partners are also athletes, some of which have won or participated in a World Cup themselves, and eight of them are actresses.

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