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Meghan and Harry having first child quicker than other royal couples

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place less than a year ago, and until then the tabloids were speculating daily about whether the two were even a couple. With their first child expected next month, they have taken things faster than other British royal couples.

We analysed couples in ten European royal houses, looking at which ones marry and become parents the fastest. We took into account the timeframe between the official engagement and the wedding day, as well as between the wedding day and the birthday of the first child.

Our analysis found that members of the Belgian royal family marry by far the fastest, leaving just 118 days between the official announcement of the engagement and the wedding day. But as is fitting for any royal, there will be a team on hand to plan the ceremony at short notice.

The Belgians are followed by the Spanish, who wait an average of 156 days after the engagement to walk down the aisle. The British royals wait on average 158 days, making them the third fastest.

The Dutch royals take things much slower, waiting 377 days for the wedding bells to ring, while the Monaco royals wait an average of 366 days.
But members of the royal family are not just expected to marry appropriately. They are also expected to give birth to the next royal generation. The Swedes are the quickest to fulfill their duties, having their first child just 314 days after marriage.

Conversely, the British royals wait on average nearly three years, or 1008 days. But Harry and Meghan are bucking the trend by giving birth to their first child less than a year after their marriage. This royal baby could be the first to set off a new trend among British royals for speeding up important relationship milestones.