Meet Jaumo, the world’s best-rated dating app.

With so many dating apps out there, it’s hard to figure out which ones are worth trying. Most dating apps leave people feeling exposed instead of confident and welcomed, and what should be an opportunity for connection many times ends in continued feelings of loneliness. 

That’s where Jaumo steps in. Chances are you haven’t used them in the UK before, but they’ve been around since 2011, becoming really popular in markets like Germany, Turkey, and Brazil. 

In some ways you’ll find similarities to other dating apps. You’ll find a blend of your favorite features from the apps you’ve already used. But at its core is a complete focus on bringing forth authenticity to the 40 million users that make up the Jaumo base. You can be as forthcoming or anonymous as you like on the platform, and the environment was created as a safe and empowering space for you to connect with real people without having to worry about confidentiality and privacy issues. 

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What really makes this app unique is that it is one of the last of the large independent players in the dating space. It is run by a small but powerful team of passionate people from around the world who work from home and share their unique experiences to manage the app without the dependency of investors. This means that they can work freely without worrying about filling the pockets of disconnected stakeholders, instead allocating resources towards what really matters to their users, like fighting fake profiles.

They’ve put serious work into their security features, being honest enough to tell you the percentage of people who could not be verified as real. They have a highly-responsive international support team to ensure you don’t ever feel alone in your journey, and the basic membership gives you all you need for free. The hope is that by aggressively fighting fakes, people will feel more safe to put themselves out there– in turn creating a more authentic experience and the freedom to be yourself.  

Try out Jaumo and let us know how it worked for you!