Wow! We’ve reached 25 million!

Half a year has already passed: In February, we reached 20 million users. Sometime later, we were able to reach the next milestone of 25 million Jaumo users. So the number of members increased by 25 percent for only 6 months. We would like to say THANK YOU!

Like before there is a reason for happiness here with us. We are happy, that our app is well accepted from all around the world. Since the founding six years ago, we haven’t changed our company’s structure. Because we are a small team that works on Jaumo daily, we can take your daily feedback and apply it. So we are able to deliver an uncomplicated dating experience to all 25 million users.

If you do have a problem, let us help you solve it. Send us an e-mail here and we will take care of it.

We are happy and are looking forward to the next milestone!