International Sex Toy Index: Countries’ Preferences Revealed

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to sex toys; big and small, long and short, playful and modern, some vibrate and others don’t. We wanted to find out the most popular toy choices and whether there are country-specific preferences, so we analyzed the top ten toys bought in eleven countries across the globe. We looked at the type of toy people prefer looking at length, width, color, material, and the price on Amazon.

The data is very revealing. We found that Italy spends more per toy – €48.70 on average – than any other country covered by the research. Second place goes to France with €41.90, and in third place is Germany with €28.80. When analyzing the length of toys, we found that the Spanish buy the longest dildos and vibrators; the average length across the top ten in Spain is 18.8 cm. Canada prefers much shorter toys, measuring 12.5 cm on average, the shortest length revealed by the country comparison.

Despite so many different types of toys available, there was a clear favourite across all markets. 39% of all sex toys in the top ten are vibrators. The classic dildo, without a vibration feature, accounts for 20%, making the dildo the second most popular sex toy. Consumers clearly prefer a modern design over very realistic looking toys. While nearly 60% of the toys have a classic or modern look, only one in three toys are shaped like a penis.

Here’s the full data set: