We have improved the VIP membership for you with filter!

If you are a VIP member, you can now enjoy even more benefits. We have extended the filter options for you and set up a Boost function that increases your visibility. Furthermore, you will be informed about missed matches, so you won’t miss an opportunity to flirt again.

Leave nothing to chance – advanced filter options for partner selection

To ensure that you really hit the mark with your matches, with a VIP membership you can independently determine further criteria in the search area of the filter settings. The following table shows the preferences you can use to select suggested candidates in the Jaumo community.

[table id=10 /]

Don’t miss an opportunity!

Additionally, with the new update, you will be informed about missed matches. So if you have rejected a user, but he/she has given you a Like, you will get a notification. So you can carefully think it over and possibly change your decision with newly sparked interest.

You can also increase your visibility with the new Boost feature. By purchasing a boost, you will be given priority to other users for 30 minutes, significantly increasing your chances of winning matches.

Previous features remain unchanged

The use of Jaumo is basically free of charge. However, it is possible to highlight your profile with VIP status and an unlimited use all Jaumo functions and free of advertising. Of course, well-known VIP benefits will still be available to you. This includes, for example, the allocation of super likes or receiving read confirmations in the chat.

The update can be done automatically by updating the app to versions iOS 5.6.2. or Android 5.3.4. Did you know? You can test the VIP membership for seven days free of charge!