How to overcome lovesickness

Every human being gets it sometimes: When love is not reciprocated, one suffers from a terrible lovesickness. This condition is also known as “Broken Heart Syndrome”: When heartache is so severe, not only does the soul suffer but also the body.
This makes it all the more important to know how to overcome heartache and look positively towards the future again – without the other person in one’s life.

What is lovesickness anyway?

Heartbreak is the result of an unfulfilled or lost love. A multitude of feelings arise during heartbreak: sadness, anger, hopelessness and surprisingly, a huge hormone disorder. During the infatuation phase, your happiness hormones are at an all-time high, and as soon as these hormones are no longer released, it greatly affects your mood. You’re basically on a mental and physical withdrawal. The good news: lovesickness is “curable”!

Take some time to grieve

You’re hurting, and your body and soul need time to heal. Take a few days to let your feelings out and to separate yourself mentally from the person. Set a fixed period of time for this, because afterward, you should concentrate on the positive things in life in order to be able to overcome your loneliness.

Favour positive hormones

When your “mourning time” has come to an end, you should do something to bring your hormones back into balance. Sport is an ideal way to release happiness hormones and is also a great distraction. Meet up with good friends and do fun things. For example, watch funny movies or just do anything that you enjoy. Even if you might think that absolutely nothing could be fun right now, your motto should be “Fake it, till you make it”. At some point, you’ll think less and less about that one person and go through life in a good mood again. Diversions with good friends are the best way to fight those love-sick symptoms.

Unfollow your crush on social media

He or she has been on your mind all day, so you should consciously unfollow their social media accounts. If they post constantly, you’ll continue to follow their lives and that won’t help you overcome your heartache. “Just a quick look at his profile” is taboo – as hard as it may be for you. If you want to forget him or her, then you should think about this person as little as possible. Collect all the items in your apartment that remind you of the times you spent together and remove them from your field of vision, “out of sight, out of mind”.

Don’t take it personally

Quite often heartache is accompanied by a bruised ego and that burdens the psyche twice as much. This usually happens with acquaintances who haven’t known each other for that long. There are so many reasons why a relationship is only desired from one side. Usually, the reasons lie in the (pre)history of your beloved. Maybe he or she isn’t over his or her old relationship yet, or he or she simply prefers to travel as a single. Does that have anything to do with your looks or charm? Probably not. No matter if you only knew each other for a short time or if you have been a couple for years – people are not always compatible and everyone develops over the years in their own direction.

You can’t force it

To overcome your heartache, you have to accept that it’s just not meant to be. Forcing someone to be happy pretty much never leads to success. If you don’t ease up, your crush will retreat, and you will hurt yourself more and more. Often, the effect that you want to have is exactly what you can’t have. This vicious cycle is hard to break. It’s best if you break contact with the person in order to get back to your normal self. If your crush was only half-hearted with you, neither of you would be happy.

Restore your self-confidence

Love withdrawal is usually accompanied by an insult to self-confidence. Why not treat yourself to a shopping spree and a visit to the hairdresser? If you feel comfortable in your skin, you will strengthen your self-confidence and it will be easier for you to overcome the heartache. If your ex was living with you, you should consider re-decorating your apartment – without any compromises.

If your ex offers you friendship

Sometimes, a friendship is offered by the one who wants out of the “affair”. However, approach with caution. You would only suffer from further heartache because you imagined a different kind of relationship with this person. If you maintain friendly contact, you may continue to feel a constant sense of false hope. That way, you’ll probably never be able to overcome your misery. Ask for some time for yourself first. If you are truly emotionally detached from the person, then of course, there is nothing wrong a sincere friendship from both sides.

Love sorrows are over

Heartbreak hurts. It is a state that takes you through several phases. But surely the pain will not last forever – even if you can hardly imagine it right now. If you distract yourself, be good to yourself, and let go of your ex mentally, the day will come when you will be emotionally released and free again. If you are capable of feeling such strong emotions for a person, then you will be able to feel them again for a future partner that deserves them and most of all, you.