How to Open Yourself up To The Gift Of Life

Remember when you were a kid and you got to play outside on the hottest day of the summer? You’d freeze your water bottle and use jumpers for goalposts? 

Your heart was full of nothing but joy and excitement.

So what happens when you grow up? Why do we, as adults, become so scared, suspicious, guilty or receiving the gift of life?
Those are difficult questions to answer, but one thing is certain: the preciousness and abundance of life is something that we should never take for granted. Busy lives often make us miss out on small moments, that we’ll wish we had more of on our death bed.
Here’s how you can start opening up to all the good things that are offered to you and let more love and happiness into your life:

Acknowledge the various gifts of life.

Gifts don’t always come wrapped up in cute paper or inside a pretty bag. In fact, more often than not, they aren’t.
Many of us receive gifts on a daily basis but we just don’t recognize them. Just think about it: the compliments from your partner, the morning hug from your child, the food cooked by your mom, the raise your boss gave you… all of those are gifts of life.
Start seeing (and appreciating) them as such and you’ll become a much better receiver.

Know you deserve good things.

Being able to acknowledge gifts is a great first step, but after that, you need to internalize that you do deserve them.
After all, many people have a hard time opening up to the abundance of life because they feel guilty, they feel like they’re not worthy of the good things that are given to them. But the reality is that there’s a reason why the gift came to you when it did.
Whoever gave it to you did it for a reason and believed without a doubt that you deserved it – and you need to believe so as well.
Let go of the fear that you’re living up to others’ expectations and that it’s not your time to receive good things. Start taking more risks and you’ll see that even more amazing things will start coming your way. 

Avoid judgement.

Judging is innate in all of us. Most times, we don’t mean to do it but we still compare the gifts that are given to us or imagine all the ways in which they could be better.
By allowing your brain to do so, you forget the most important feeling that should come with the gift-giving process: gratefulness.
When you find yourself evaluating what was offered to you and overthinking the materialistic aspect of it, stop and focus on the intention behind the gift. That is the most important aspect of any gift.

Be generous.

 There’s nothing like giving in order to learn how to receive.
We’re not telling you to buy gifts for everyone you know and shower them with physical things. What we’re telling you is, spread love! Give gifts in the form of words and gestures. Tell people how much you appreciate them, compliment them or just ask how they are.
Making others feel good and connecting with those around you will make you feel good as well and it will put you in this snowball of giving and receiving. Eventually, of course, it will be your time to receive and you’ll be a lot more open to it.

There’s something magical about being confident enough to receive the gift of life with open arms. So our last question is… why not start doing it right from this moment?