How to Find Love Using Jaumo

Today, dating apps have totally taken over the dating scene. Whereas once upon a time, people used to be a little aphrenrsive to admit to having an online profile. But these days, nobody is embarrassed and the majority of singles have used a dating app! If you want to meet somebody these days, Jaumo is the way to go.

That being said, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean that online dating comes naturally to everybody. While we’ve been socialized for our entire lives through movies and TV shows to understand how blind dates and meet-cutes in public can work, we don’t really get a dating-app 101 course to help us navigate the highs and low of online dating. Well, lucky for you, this is that guide.

First, you have to get your mindset right. Because if you’re still harboring any old school associations of online dating as shameful or something that only desperate people do, you’re not going to get very far. Instead, you need to be all-in on the process, without any self-doubt.

Here’s another tip: be a person. Sure, online dating is online, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be yourself, to find your someone. Be honest, open, and vulnerable. Choose photos that accurately reflect what you actually look like. Write a bio that is truthful, funny and down-to-earth! People want to get to know, well, you!

Once you get started talking to people, open up to them and be honest. Don’t try to play games. You might think it’s sexy to use techniques like negging or the reverse, giving empty “charming” compliments, but it’s not sexy. What people really want is to make a real connection with a real person. Find true areas of commonality. And, if you’re comfortable, try to meet in person early on instead of getting caught in the trap of texting back and forth for weeks or months until the interest just fades out.

If you put forward your real self – backed with the confidence that comes from knowing your real self is a total badass – you’ll find somebody who’s a good fit for you. So don’t hesitate – get to swiping.