Game of Thrones most desirable characters

It has been two years in the making and this weekend fans will get to see the first episode of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones.
Some of the show’s biggest characters have lost their heads over the course of the previous seven seasons, while other heavy hitters still remain.Now that the biggest and baddest of Westeros are back on our screens, we wanted to find out which characters the audience thinks are the most dateable, and which ones get a thumbs down.

Looks over personality

To answer the question definitively, we gave our users a choice of 15 remaining characters who they could rate according to attractiveness. Users could vote for characters of either gender, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Sansa Stark came out on top as the favourite, with 95% of men saying they would date her. Daenerys Targaryen came in a close second with 92%, while 85% would date Missandei, the “Mother of Dragon’s” faithful companion.

The results showed that the character’s personalities had little bearing on their perceived attractiveness, as some baddies were almost as popular as the heroes and heroines. Melisandre, also known as the “Red Woman” due to her sorcery, is a popular choice, with 88% of men saying they would date her, while 76% would go for the complicated Cersei Lannister.

Women more open to other women

More surprisingly perhaps is that female users thought several of the show’s female characters were more desirable than the males. 71% of women said they would date Daenerys, 62% would go for her sidekick Missandei, and 63% were keen on Sansa Stark. Only Jon Snow was deemed more dateable than these three ladies.

Male users on the other hand are not attracted to GoT characters of same sex, but they do agree that Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister are most attractive male characters.

Someone for everyone

One of the show’s appealing factors is the diversity of its cast, the complexity of the characters and, in many cases, their unconventional looks.

Some women were drawn to bad boys, with 71% saying they would date Jaime Lannister. But all round hero Jon Snow was the most popular, with 81% of women willing to date him.

Despite his charm, wit and one-liners, Tyrion Lannister, mockingly referred to by some in the show as “the Halfman” due to his dwarfism, attracted just 34% of women.

Further down the scale, just 18% said they would date Samwell Tarly and a pitiful 2% would date bad boy Theon Greyjoy, also known as “Reek”.

Men and women agree on most characters’ attractiveness

Men agreed that Samwell and Theon were the least desirable. But men and women had widely diverging views on Samwell Tarly’s love interest Gilly. 84% of men gave her the thumbs up but just 29% of women agreed.

And Brienne of Tarth scored likes from a respectable 61% of men, while only 38% of women could see her charm.

The results were gathered from English, German and Spanish speaking users. These are the results of the survey: