With these filter settings, you will find the ideal match

“Seek and you will find” is a famous proverb. At Jaumo there is the motto “Whoever filters, he will find easier!” You know exactly what your dream partner is and know exactly what to look for? You don’t have any desire, however, to tap through countless profiles? Then the settings for the filter are at your assistance.

To do this, open the app and go to the Filter from the menu. Here you can adjust which profiles will be displayed to you – either male or female or both sexes. The desired age can be set at will. Additionally, you can add additional settings to your search function. Click the icon in the upper right corner with the symbol with the two heads. With a click on the cog symbol, you can enter the settings. Especially important is the setting under Looking for:, because here you can set, whether you want a long-term relationship, a flirt, a date or a friendship. Should you have an exact preference for the body weight or religion of your partner, you can also enter them here.

Every setting can be changed or removed at any time. All adjustments can even be thrown in the garbage bin with just one click. With this, all profiles will be shown to you without any limitations.

Try it out, it’s simple!