Filter Analysis: What Jaumo users look for in online dating

Maybe you’ve already noticed: In addition to the new look, we’ve added additional safety standards and numerous filters to facilitate zapping. True to the motto Love is for everyone, you can now find each other even easier– whether you are looking for a friendship, find someone to flirt with or a candidate for a relationship. We’ve also evaluated how using filters improves your matching success. 

Using filters is especially worthwhile for men

On average, Jaumo users who use filters can double their matches. Especially for men, the personalized search on Jaumo is worthwhile: While male singles who search without filters receive an average of 6.2 matches, the filter-use matches have a threefold increase of 18.9 matches on average. Even female singles benefit from the filters: the average increases when using the filter from 19.7 to 36.5 matches.

This is what men and women look for when looking for a partner

But which criteria are decisive in the search for a partner? Our analysis has shown that men and women agree on this point. The Jaumo singles are most interested in the goal of the search, that is a solid partnership, flirting, dating or friendship (M: 63 percent, F: 66 percent). The relationship status (M: 50 percent, F: 69 percent) and height (M: 42 percent, F: 57 percent) are also very popular. Less relevant for the search are the taste of music, pets and sports preferences. 

The older the users, the more numerous the filters

With advancing age, the demands on the right partner increase. In any case, the use of the filters allows this conclusion. In particular, the expectations of religious affiliation and height will increase over the years. For 18- to 25-year-olds, religion plays a subordinate role with 16 percent. For 39 percent of them, height is an important factor in finding a partner. For users over 60 years, however, the numbers rise to 35 and 66 percent.

New features: photo hint, anti-fake system and user verification

Another new feature in the app is the photo hint: An algorithm automatically detects when uploading a photo, whether it is suitable for use as a profile picture. For example, if the face is barely visible or the image quality is insufficient, you will now receive a hint. The new verification also ensures more authenticity among the profiles: If you want to mark your profile as genuine, you only have to imitate a gesture that appears randomly on the screen with your hand. Of course, the automated anti-fake system also ensures safety. The algorithm detects conspicuous behavior, such as sending identical messages in too short a time, and takes into account violations by other users. On average, false profiles are identified and removed within two minutes.

Jens Kammerer, CEO of Jaumo, comments:

Not only did rebranding make Jaumo more visually appealing, it also highlighted our corporate values: security and authenticity are our top priorities, and this should be reflected in the user experience. We are constantly working on solutions to make it easier for users to search for like-minded people. This proves our current analysis, because the matching success increases by the use of search filters by at least two-fold.

About the Study

For the analysis, the use of search filters was examined in the period from May 1, 2019 to July 31, 2019. The evaluation of the data was done anonymously. The user behavior of different age groups was recorded and a differentiation by gender was also made. The data comes from all 180 countries in which Jaumo is represented.