Where in England couples give up on their relationship

When something is on our mind the first thing we often turn to is Google. So we wanted to explore what people across England google when their relationship isn’t going so well.

What we found:

Overall, we saw that more often than not partnerships in crisis seem to be heading for separation or divorce. Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight are the most pessimistic about a flailing relationship with nearly two-thirds (62%)  of the relationship-focused Google searches analysed are about couples ending their relationship and googling separation and divorce terms – well above the 50% national average. In nearly 80% of all English counties, people are more inclined to end rather than save their relationship. The counties following Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight are East Yorkshire and Herefordshire (both 58%).

The details:

People in Wiltshire also seem to be the ones that want their divorce just over and done with in an easy way because the term ‘divorce online’ accounts for a higher percentage of searches in Wiltshire (37%) than in any other English county.

Hertfordshire couples are most committed to saving their relationships with the highest share of searches to save relationships at 54%. Popular searches are ‘marriage counseling’ and ‘relationship counselling’. In Greater London, Berkshire and East Sussex the figure stands at 52%, and in Cheshire, Essex and Tyne and Wear at 51% – everywhere else it is 50% or lower.

The Capital falls in line with national average

Choice and temptation in London don’t make Londoners more likely to just give up on a relationship and move on. In Greater London, 52% of the searches analysed are for help with relationship matters, and in the City of London the figure is still 47%. In both Greater London and the City one in five searches is to seek information on ‘separation’.

Counties see huge variations in search activity

How often each term is searched on Google varies significantly. On the Isle of Wight and in Herefordshire few people seem to want to resolve their issues with their partner through ‘marriage counseling’, which accounts for just 8% of searches. The same term accounts for a fifth or more of the searches in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Suffolk and Surrey. For ‘separation’ the differences are even more significant, ranging from a tenth of searches in Rutland to a quarter in Bristol, Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire.

“It’s not just when looking for a new relationship or a flirt that people turn to their mobile devices nowadays. They also go online for advice and help with relationship issues, which allows us to see and analyse regional differences. Interestingly, some terms are searched twice as often or more in one county than another. What the figures also show is how much time and effort people spend on relationship matters. Clearly, people in troubled relationships are quite concerned and have many questions,” 

says Jaumo co-founder Jens Kammerer.

Methodology: We analysed 46,400 Google searches over the past 12 months and looked at five common search terms under the ‘saving relationship’ umbrella and five under the ‘splitting up’ umbrella. Groups were chosen so that they have similar search volumes England-wide. That was done so that we could then look into differences county by county. Research completion date: 17 January 2018.

Here’s the full analysis: