by Chichi Onyekanne

5 Tips for Online Dating in Times of the Coronavirus Epidemic

Here are our recommendations for more security in the wake of the virus epidemic. Note: If you have a scratchy throat, please stay home or consult your family doctor. Your date will certainly be grateful.

The outbreak of the coronavirus is currently keeping the whole world in a state of panic. The effects of the spreading virus can already be felt in numerous areas of life. Right now, at the latest, the epidemic is penetrating even the last private spheres: More and more employers are moving towards home offices, the family doctor is already giving out sick calls over the phone, and major events are increasingly being cancelled. Even though online dating usually involves only two people, you should take the odd hygiene measure into account here. Here we explain how love and closeness do not fall short despite the avoidance of physical contact.

1. Old school is back in fashion

You were supposed to have your first date, but now the first meeting is on the brink of failure for prevention reasons. How about slowing down the whole procedure a bit and start with a phone date first? What used to be done before the first rendezvous still works today. If both parties like voice calls, then the next step could be a video chat.

2. Avoid welcome fears

Despite the coronavirus, you still dare to go on a date, but does the thought of kisses and hugs give you a bad feeling? Why not show how internationally versed you are and try out different welcome rituals from other cultures. Of course, these should also work without physical contact. With a warm smile, you can also feel the honest joy of getting to know each other.

3. No kissing - just look, don't touch

The date went well and you’re finally ready to get together. Since Coronavirus is a droplet infection, it is mainly transmitted via the mouth. To be on the safe side, don’t do the snogging for now. Especially if you’re not sure if your partner is healthy or not.

4. So that pleasure droplets do not turn into frustration droplets

The motto “better safe than sorry” applies now more than ever. That’s why one-night stands should be left out for the time being. And if you do have sex, use condoms (as usual), because transmission via sperm or vaginal secretion is currently not ruled out by the WHO. 

5. No risk, more fun

Fortunately, we live in modern times and so personal meetings are not the only possibility for exciting hours in twos. As an alternative contraceptive method in these turbulent months, experimentation is the order of the day. So, if any of you have always wanted to try cyber or phone sex and never dared to suggest it, now you have the best excuse to do so.

Additional information on the coronavirus is available from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Robert Koch Institute, to name a few: