Are you most compatible with introverts?

You’re single but you’re not sure if you’re more suited to dating introverts or extroverts? We’ve got the inside track on what it’s like to have a relationship with a more reserved person and what to look out for to keep them happy.

First of all, it’s important to know how shy people behave in certain situations. They enjoy spending time alone and avoid meetings in larger groups. Therefore, they approach a relationship much more slowly and thoughtfully than extroverts. They make no hasty decisions. If you like being around people, going to parties, and meeting new people, it can be a test of courage for your introverted partner. Togetherness is an important part of the relationship, so the introvert would prefer to stay away from parties and do something more meaningful together.

But what personality type is best suited to an introvert? Do opposites really attract? Yes and no! We can’t say that in every case opposites attract but in many instances opposing partners have qualities that benefit the other and more reserved people often feel attracted to extroverts and vice versa. The confident extroverted partner provides protection, makes the first move and gives the shy partner more self-assurance. On the other hand the introvert offers a more grounded and calm influence to create the perfect balance. One thing is for sure: people with opposing but complementary qualities bounce off each other and develop more in a relationship, rather than couples who are very similar. Furthermore, after building a trusting relationship partners of reserved people often get to see and enjoy a completely different side to their introverted partners that no-one else knows.

However, since introverts are reluctant to show their feelings and approach others, it can be harder to build relationships. Usually, a shy smile or eye contact is an introverts way of showing interest. But then the first move is often up to the other person. When it comes to a relationship, introverts avoid any kind of conflict. They will avoid or try and quell any brewing disagreements and would prefer to compromise and agree with their partner to resolve an issue quickly.

So in the end of course with every situation in the world of dating it always depends on the individual couple and person. Whether you are both introverted together or are in an extrovert – introvert balance the important thing is that you get along well and enjoy being together.