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Dating, socializing, and making friends online should be fun, accessible, and, most of all — relational.
JAUMO Community App
100% Bootstrapped
Founded in Germany
Founded in Germany
Operates Worldwide
Operates Worldwide
JAUMO Founders Ben and Jens

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Jens Kammerer, Co-Founder and CEO
Benjamin Roth, Co-Founder and CTO
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Our Story

We found our partners online before apps existed. Then in 2011, JAUMO was born. The rest is history...

Online dating looked a lot different a decade ago. There were no smartphones, no apps — just clunky, kitsch dating websites. We saw an opportunity to improve, so did just that!
JAUMO Community App
In 2011, we created JAUMO. Then after bootstrapping the company with the help of our diverse, remote team  (and no outside investment), we grew our community to over 50 million members — and still counting! Since JAUMO has evolved far beyond the dating app it once was.

Today, the average person has complete access to free social platforms that help us to meet millions of people. Despite this, statistics show that these apps — the very things designed to bring us together- are increasing loneliness, disconnection and depression worldwide.

— Why?
Jens Kammerer, CEO
Jens Kammerer

Modern social platforms are rooted in the habit of consumption

3 in 5 adults feel often lonely and disconnected
Modern apps were built to consume but not to help users socialize. The more "connected" the world gets, the lonelier we become.
Social Media Mute
1 in 3 adults think social media is harmful to mental health
With echo chambers, toxic content, and influencers chasing likes and follows — who can blame them?
Social Media Addiction
210 Million people worldwide are addicted to social media
Dark patterns are purposefully programmed into modern apps to increase the time spent in-app. They aim for interactions, not real conversations.
The world’s biggest social platforms offer easy, low-cost, instantaneous means of communication. But at what cost? We feel lonelier than ever.
The JAUMO Mission
The JAUMO Mission

To design experiences that encourage people to scroll less and socialize more.

At JAUMO, we’re returning to the basics: Great conversation with interesting people.
What does JAUMO MEAN?

“A New Day”

"Jaumo" comes from the Aramaic language and means "A New Day". We believe it’s time to sunset superficial ways of connecting online and to lead with personality.
Jaumo means "a new day"

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